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Mohammed bin Nayef: the future king of Saudi Arabia
by crescent-online

January, 2015
The death of King Abdullah has finally opened up space for the next generation of Saudi royals to step into the limelight. The new King Salman announced that Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, currently serving as Interior Minister, has been appointed Deputy Crown Prince. This ensures his position as future king from among the grandsons of Abd al Aziz ibn Saud. Mohammed's choice as future king reveals the regime's nervousness about internal threats.

Main Stories

The Peshawar massacre and its aftermath
by Zia Sarhadi

January, 2015
The horrific murder of nearly 140 school children in Peshawar has caused great anguish and anger in Pakistan. Unless there is a comprehensive approach to this problem, a reaction in anger will only escalate the cycle of violence.


The takfiris’ allure
by Zafar Bangash

January, 2015
The ISIS takfiris use Islamic rhetoric to attract gullible and frustrated Muslim youth to their ranks. Their fraud must be exposed to deal with them effectively.


December 16: from Dhaka to Peshawar
by Zafar Bangash

January, 2015
Brute force is not the answer to every problem even if the temptation to use force has gained currency in Pakistan in the aftermath of the Peshawar school massacre. Lessons must be learned from the past in order not to repeat them.

News & Analysis

Turkey, sectarianism, and the “Arab Spring”
by Bilal Hamade

January, 2015
Turkish President Recept Tayip Erdogan is resorting to increasing sectarian rhetoric to keep challengers at bay.

Special Reports

Islamophobia and the rise of neo-Nazis
by Tahir Mustafa

January, 2015
Encouraged by official anti-Muslim policies, Islamophobia is rising alarmingly in Europe and North America. Neo-Nazi groups in league with Zionists are leading this criminal enterprise.

Book Review

Story of Muslim experience in America
by Ayesha Alam

January, 2015
A second-generation Muslim American scholar recounts official treatment of Muslims as “outsiders.” The book makes fascinating reading.

Editor's Desk

Hindu Nazis and Zionists in tight embrace

January, 2015
India is under the grip of Hindu Nazis and their true colors, always known, are becoming clearer by the day. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has signaled that he plans to embrace the Zionists more tightly and abandon support for the Palestinians.

Letters To The Editor

As we celebrate the Prophets…

January, 2015
While celebrating the birthday of two great Prophets of Allah, the question that must be addressed in earnest is why are so many people killing each other and indulging in other violent acts.