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Qatar back into the GCC fold
by crescent-online.net

April, 2014
Another setback for Saudi policy as the regime is forced to retreat on its threats against Qatar from where it had withdrawn its ambassador last month. Bahrain and the UAE had followed suit but Kuwait and Oman did not. An agreement has now been reached to patch differences and get back to business as usual--rubbing noses and kissing.

Main Stories

Islamic groups lash out at Saudis over Ikhwan
by Yusuf Dhia-Allah

April, 2014
Even traditionally pro-Saudi groups in the world have been horrified at the Saudis’ designation of the Ikhwan al-Muslimun and by implication, Hamas in Palestine, as terrorist organizations.


Iran-Hamas relations
by Zafar Bangash

April, 2014
Relations between Islamic Iran and Hamas are back on track after a hiatus caused by Hamas’ rash decision to burn its bridges with Damascus following eruption of the imperialist-zionist-Wahhabi inspired conspiracy in Syria.


Egyptian-Saudi war on the Ikhwan
by Zafar Bangash

April, 2014
The combined assault by the Egyptian military and the Saudi regime on the Ikhwan and its supporters has exposed the unholy alliance of tyrannical regimes in the Muslim East.

News & Analysis

Egypt’s ongoing revolution
by Eric Walberg

April, 2014
Despite mass arrests and killings, the will of the Egyptian people has not been broken. Far from the Ikhwan being a terrorist organization, it is the old guard unable to accept the new reality that is causing mayhem in Egypt.

Special Reports

America’s Ukraine bid to keep Russia in check
by Ahmed Makhmoudov

April, 2014
The US and its allies do not care for the people of Ukraine; their interest lies in destabilizing Russia that is becoming increasingly assertive.

Editor's Desk

The mystery of Malaysia’s Flight MH370

April, 2014
There is something really curious about the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. How can a huge plane like Boeing 777-200 simply disappear into thin air without a trace?

Letters To The Editor

From Sharifayn to Shurafa rule in Pakistan

April, 2014
There are too many Sharifs in power in Pakistan. Is it good, asks reader Askia Wajd?