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Lebanon’s garbage problem turned into political crisis
by crescent-online.net

August, 2015
Who is behind the crisis in Lebanon? A genuine concern of the people--piles of garbage in Beirut--has been turned into a political crisis with demands for the government's resignation. How would that solve the garbage crisis or indeed the lack of electricity and water in the country has not been explained. There is mounting evidence that Western, Zionist and Saudi agents are involved in instigating trouble. Their ultimate target is Hizbullah.

Main Stories

Beginning of the end of conflict in Syria?
by Yusuf Dhia-Allah

September, 2015
Russia’s involvement in getting the various players to begin thinking about a political settlement to the crisis in Syria has given rise to hopes, however guarded, about a possible end to the conflict.


Hajj according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah
by Zafar Bangash

September, 2015
Hajj, like most other requirements of Islam, has become highly ritualized. Those that administer the Hajj are deliberately emptying it of its Qur’anic content.


Terrorists, warmongers and mules
by Zafar Bangash

September, 2015
Both the takfiri terrorists and their warmongering allies in the West use mules to advance their agenda. One (the takfiris) use Western converts to do their dirty work while the neo-cons use ‘secular’ Muslims to promote their agenda.

News & Analysis

Reality catching up with Bani Saud
by Tahir Mustafa

September, 2015
As long as the takfiris were killing people in Syria and Iraq, the Saudi regime supported them. They have now started to strike inside the kingdom as well. The Bani Saud are in panic mode.

Special Reports

The Iran nuclear file: perspectives from Tehran
by Zafar Bangash

September, 2015
Opinion in Tehran is not uniformly the same about the nuclear deal witht he P5+1 group of countries. There are serious apprehensions about the sincerity of Western rulers, especially the Americans, as to whether they can be trusted to uphold their commitments.

Editor's Desk

Hamas and the dilemma facing Islamic movements

September, 2015
The Palestinian Islamic movement Hamas has raised eyebrows among Islamic movement activists about its consorting with the ‘Saudis.’ They need to be careful otherwise they would lose credibility among sincere Muslims worldwide.

Letters To The Editor

Saudi genocide in Yemen

September, 2015
Letter writer Zainab Hassan wonders why there is scant attention paid to ‘Saudi’-perpetrated genocide in Yemen.